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Wonderful World

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Wonderful World

Publication date 1959
Digitizing sponsor Coca-Cola Company
PA-2177 ìWonderful Worldî

08:01:14:28 - 08:45:06:23 Color Sound 1959
"Wonderful World" Broad documentary surveying global cultures,
lifestyles, emphasizing common human activities, sponsored by
Coca-Cola. Narrator: Ken Nordine. Parallels in European, American,
Asian, South American, Caribbean lifestyles, leisure, hospitality,
(racial stereotypes in narration.) Landmarks, history, sports,
architecture, travel. Amazingly, everyone drinks Coke - globalism,

08:01:14:28 - 08:02:58:19 Color Sound 1959
Intro. Stars & planets in space backdrop. Music, VO host talks of
universal of human desire for "something beautiful." Revolving
model globe of Earth. Aerial POV NYC midtown Manhattan. TD
skyscraper. Rockefeller Center Plaza w/ patio tables, international
flags. Lever House on Park Ave.

08:02:58:20 - 08:04:27:29 Color Sound 1959
Americana. VS baseball stadium. (sports) VO host. "Nothing is more
American than baseball." Batter makes base hit. Fans in bleachers,
beverage vendors. Car drives through covered bridge. VS Small New
England town. Tree-lined streets, church steeples, schooners in
harbor (ships, boats) in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, VS Harvard
University campus, Cambridge, MA. Students entering columned

08:04:28:00 - 08:06:52:03 Color Sound 1959
Quebec City, Canada. People ride in horsedrawn carriage. WS Chateau
Frontenac Hotel. Peace Tower- Ottawa. Mounted Police (Canadian
Mounties!), motorcade by Canadian Parliament. Parliament on Thames
River, Great Britain. Westminster Abbey, London. Royal Guards on
parade, Buckingham Palace. Portrait of Duke of Wellington. VS
English pubs, inns - men play darts. Signs of inns. Shakespeare
Memorial Theatre. Actors perform balcony scene in "Romeo & Juliet,"
Stratford-on-Avon. Oxford University. Good scenes of horse racing.
Fans holding drinks, watching race. (sports)

08:06:52:04 - 08:08:54:06 Color Sound 1959
France. Boat POV Seine River, Eiffel Tower & original Statue of
Liberty. Notre Dame Cathedral. People at sidewalk tables on Champs
d' Elysee. Arc D' Triomphe. VS People dine in elegant French
restaurant; Chefs speak to people at tables (cuisine). Waiter
brings main course to table, spoons marinade over it. (Roast animal
w/ skewered vegetables). Parade in Montmarte. The Louvre museum.
Man paints scene of museum on canvas outdoors. Tour De France
bicyclists racing through small towns, cheered by spectators.

08:08:54:07 - 08:10:13:12 Color Sound 1959
VO "In Europe they live in easy harmony with the old and the new."
Belgium. Spires, medieval facades of the Guilds in Brussels. Boat
POV canals, downtown bicycle race Amsterdam, WS rural land w/
windmills, Netherlands. Stockholm, Sweden. Town hall, modern
buildings along river. Sailboat on water. Swedish smorgasbord
(buffets) Guests move in line, serve themselves food from table.
Children play in water fountain.

08:10:13:13 - 08:14:20:19 Color Sound 1959
Germany. TU modern office building (Frankfurt?). Soccer game.
Players, goalie makes kickoff, fans react in bleachers. Aerial POV
Rhine Valley, river, trees. Castles on green mountain sides. WS
Heidelberg. Lion sculpture on campus of University. Students
between classes. Dancers in country town plaza. (Oktoberfest-like).
Villagers in traditional costume. CU Tuba player. Munich town clock
(Glockenspiel) w/ mechanical jousters. Vienna Opera House. Female
dancers perform to Johann Strauss waltz by arch. Festival in
Vienna. Couple drinking Coke at table. VS Swiss Alps. Man plays
accordion at picnic by river.

08:14:20:20 - 08:16:09:16 Color Sound 1959
Italy. La Scala opera house, Milan. Grand Canal, Venice. Children
feed pigeons in St. Mark's Square. Gondolier rows gondola in front
of Rialto bridge. Florence. Outdoor markets at Ponte Vecchio.
Piazza della Signoria. HA WS PAN Florence w/ Arno in FG. VS Rome.
Renaissance architecture. St. Peter's Basilica. ZI dome. VS
fountains including Bernini fountains, Trevi fountain. Arch of
Constantine. Coliseum, Ancient columns at the Forum.

08:16:09:17 - 08:18:45:08 Color Sound 1959
Spain. Street festival Pamplona. People carry oversize royal
figures. Crowds dancing w/ banners. Running of the Bulls in
Pamplona. Crowds run down narrow streets into bullfighting arena.
Matador challenges bull in bullfight. (Cruelty to animals). Crowd
waves white flags. Madrid. Plaza De Toros. Couples get Cokes from
drink vendor stand. City statues. Flamenco dancers perform in
plaza, men clap castanets.

08:18:45:09 - 08:22:05:14 Color Sound 1959
Middle East / North Africa. Men lead caravan of three camels in
silhouette on horizon - GOOD. VS People listen to storyteller
outdoors, laugh. Caravan travels over bridge. Arab minarets. VS
Casablanca, Morocco. Lamb & bread is served at outdoor meal. Men
wear fez. Couple inside bazaar casbah drink bottles of Coke. VS
mosques. Egypt. Traditional Felucca sailboat traveling up Nile. VS
Sphinx. Tourist family on pyramid. Ancient arches, columns,
statues, relics, hieroglyphics in Nile Valley.

08:22:05:15 - 08:24:19:16 Color Sound 1959
Africa. Victoria Falls (waterfalls). Wild animals. Female lions,
gazelle, lions, giraffes, elephants. Lion hunts. Natives perform
"primitive art form" - Tribal dancing w/ shields & spears &
percussion (marimba). Feathered costumes, animal skins. Buildings
in Johannesburg, South Africa. National Memorial windmill,
Capetown. European mansion. White family picnic on beach. White
couple sits on Point of Rocks where Atlantic & Indian Oceans meet.

08:24:19:17 - 08:27:03:20 Color Sound 1959
India. Taj Majal. People walk on sides of pool. Women sort colorful
silk & satin fabrics. Bride & groom greet guests at their arranged
wedding ceremony. VS New Delhi government buildings. Singapore.
University of Malaya. Students chat & joke on campus. GREAT LA
statues of Balinese gods w/ dramatic music. Thailand. VS Bangkok
temples. Buddhist monks in orange robes walking. Women perform
dances in traditional costume (pointed headdresses & jeweled satin
dresses) on stage. (Architecture)

08:27:23:10 - 08:30:57:07 Color Sound 1959
Asia. Hong Kong (China) Neon lights of city signs at night. People
dining in restaurant. Good CU table laden with food. Family dines
at table w/ chopsticks. Woman wears silk dress. Young girl squints
as she eats sweet & sour dish of food. Junk boats & sampans in
seaport harbor. Japan. Woman in kimono performs dance w/ fan at
outdoor tea ceremony in garden (geishas). Actors dance in
traditional costume & masks on stage in Kabuki play (Noh, drama,
theater). EST shot Manila, Philippines. Backyard party - Filipino
guests serve themselves food at buffet table. VS Couples do
traditional Tinkling dance (dancing between bamboo sticks as they
are clapped together.) Hawaii (Polynesia)-- Female dancers in leis
& "grass" skirts perform the hula at luau party. Line of surfers
stand up on boards, ride wave - dog surfs too (cute animal

08:30:57:08 - 08:32:04:05 Color Sound 1959
Australia. Sailboats on harbor. Family leaves house for Christmas
in Summer, etc. Sailboats on harbor. Koalas in trees at zoo,
kangaroos. WS Bondi Beach, Sydney. Children play in water, wet boy
runs to mother who eats at picnic on beach (note cunningly placed
Coke bottle). Sailboat on water.

08:32:04:06 - 08:35:56:00 Color Sound 1959
South America. Peru -- Remains of Inca civilization in Andes
mountains. Villagers in traditional dress lead herds of llamas,
walk on stone steps. Children play flute, dance outdoors. Argentina
-- Man rides horse, rounding up herds of cattle on ranch. Polo
match. Group of excited young men & women watching the game. EST
shot Buenos Aires. WS traffic on widest street in world. VO:
Pioneer countries' hardships. Statue of explorer, wagon & oxen.
Couple drinking Coke while sitting next to cannon on cliff, looking
out over city of Montevideo, Uruguay. Sao Paolo, Brazil. Modern
architecture. Copacabana, beaches in Rio De Janeiro. Dancers &
musicians perform for guests on patio during Carnaval. Couple on
balcony look out over city of Rio De Janeiro, harbor. Good HA WS
EST shot.

08:35:56:01 - 08:39:26:04 Color Sound 1959
Dominican Republic (West Indies, Caribbean, Greater Antilles).
Monuments, bell towers. Tomb of Christopher Columbus in Santo
Domingo. Modern architecture. (Cuba) VS office buildings, palm
trees. Musicians perform traditional song in Spanish for diners on
balcony. (Guitar, maracas, clave). Mayan pyramids (Mexico). Dancers
in colorful feathered traditional costumes perform Aztec dance w/
drums. Buildings w/ ancient art. Mexico City. University of Mexico
campus. Man & woman in swimsuit. Man cliff diving into Pacific
Ocean (Acapulco). Good EST shot Acapulco.

08:39:26:05 - 08:40:59:14 Color Sound 1959
United States. California -- Golden Gate Bridge. VO - path of
Spanish conquistadors. Waiter serving platter of shrimp cocktail to
people seated at Top of The Mark (Mark Hopkins Hotel) restaurant
with view of San Francisco Bay, downtown, Bay Bridge. Family
driving in convertible car along hilly road overlooking city.
Anaheim, CA -- Old Time train. Tourists walk on Old Western town
street in Disneyland. American Indians dance on float w/ teepee in
Disney parade. Western railroad cars. Colorado State Fair. People
on horseback w/ flags, Rodeo: male rider on bucking horse. Two
female fans in cowboy hats, Western wear. Man gets thrown off
bucking steer.

08:40:59:15 - 08:42:31:20 Color Sound 1959
The West, camping. People ride on horseback along ridge trail,
Grand Canyon, Arizona. Canadian Rocky Mountains. Uniformed Canadian
Mounties (police) ride along river. Fisherman casting line, reeling
in and catching fish in net. Two men cooking fish in skillet over
campfire, drinking Coke. Canoeing on Lake Louise. (Alberta,

08:42:31:21 - 08:45:06:23 Color Sound 1959
Americana, hospitality. Boats on harbor in Great Lakes. City
skyline of Chicago, IL. Fountain, St. Louis, MO. VS Family &
friends' backyard barbecue- Summer. Man wears chef's hat, apron. CU
hamburgers & hot dogs on charcoal grill. PAN over food on picnic
table. (deviled eggs, vegetable tray, baked beans, bottles of Coke
on ice.) Woman serves food. People on horseback ride past mansion
(Virginia?) Washington D.C. -- White House, HA WS EST shot of
Capitol Building & the Mall. Independence Hall, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. ZI Statue of Liberty, NYC. Patriotic summation.
Music: "America The Beautiful." End credits.


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 2, 2013
Subject: A Hint: Drink more Coke!
Pretty entertaining travelogue here, with the main moral apparently being, no matter where you go, how much of a distant point you run off to, there will always be Coke just in case you want it! We go all around the world, stopping at such far flung places as Egypt, Japan and the Phillipines, and we briefly go over some of the main tourist attractions there. Funny how every cuisine around the world can blend well with Coke. Some of the coke scenes are pretty wild (like the scenes in India).
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